Chromebook file sharing

At last managed to connect WDMYCLOUD to my chrome book.
Down load the file sharing app from chrome store. When asked to type in the path use the following
//WDMYCLOUD/PUBLIC and it immediately connects to WDmycloud

Hi Ravs,

I am glad that your WD My Cloud is connected and will definitely try to use this step whenever it requires.

Thank You!

What app did you install? I installed network file share for Chrome OS from the Chrome Store
but the connection to wd my cloud fails.
Did you use a different app>

I used the ‘Files’ app, ‘blue filled circle with a single folder image in
the centre’, Open this app, then click on ‘Add new services’, then using
the following for share path '//WDMYCLOUD/PUBLIC ’ and folder name public,
and it connects

Thank you for your reply. It works now.

Unfortunately, this did not work for me. Did you need to change anything in the settings of the NAS?

Here’s what I did:

  • Added ‘Network File Share for Chrome OS’ extensions and this then appeared in the ‘Add New Services’ dropdown in the Files App.
  • Clicked ‘Add New Services’ and entered the filepath //WDMyCloudMirror/Public (WDMyCloudMirror is the name of my device) but it returns with ‘Share could not be mounted’

Any hints greatly appreciated!

In case anyone else is looking for an answer, I managed to mount a share on my WDMyCloudMirror via another method. I basically map the NAS as a windows shares following this article (it was super simple) I guess this is the way my PC connects…

The additional thing I needed to do was add ‘WORKGROUP’ in the ‘Domain Name’ field in the ‘Mount a nwe Windows File Server’ screen

Hope this helps!