Chromebook app not working

I’m using a Dell Chromebook and while I am able to download the app, when I go to View License Agreement it has an error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and also restarted after installing it. Didn’t help. Can anyone suggest a solution?

I’m pretty sure the WD apps don’t support Chrome OS at all.

Interesting. The Google Play store lets me download and install it. But then the error I described.

Which specific app are you talking about? (WD over time has published a dozen or so)

A link to it would be helpful.

I’m wondering if you’re downloading the Android App, but your hardware isn’t fully supported yet.

Its the only real option that I see in the Google Play store. Here is the link:

I’d seen that article you sent. I have a Dell 3181. The Dell 3180 is on the list and I assume the 3181 is just a derivative of it. But the more I research, I may be wrong. Hmm, maybe this is why so cheap!

Ok, so I was overthinking this. My Chromebook comes installed with the Google Play store, hence I have access to those Android apps. I have downloaded several and they work just fine. As a Google Play article states: “Currently, the Google Play Store is only available for some Chromebooks.” Given that it is installed on mine I think those apps should be available (and my use of some shows that).

Sorry for my confusion. Now if WD would only help out.