Chrome, HTML5, NaCl, and Java

Hi WD,

Any plans on migrating from Java to an HTML5 app for the portal?  Java is rife with numerous security errors, and thus support for it has been disabled in Chrome 42 onwards.  Also, most mobile devices do not support Java, for security and performance reasons.  HTML5/JS is the preferred language for webapps, anything that can be done in Java can be done better and easier in HTML5.  Comments?



This is subjective, ActiveX for IE, NaCl for Chrome and the list goes on.

Well true HTML5/JS/JQuery is the preferred language for webapps but they still lacks sandbox permissions to local commands within the browser. WDMyCloud uses WebDav to enable you to access your shares remotely. From cross browser point of view, JS/JQuery does have some support for native WebDav but only Java can actually map the share drives locally on to the client side.

But I really hope WD has other alternatives near future.

As for the mobile devices, you don’t need Java. Just use the mobile apps.

ps: I’m not from WD :)