Christmas wish list for WD My Net N900 Central 2TB

The following is a Christmas wish list I want WD to fix/take care of on my WD My Net N900 Central 2TB on the next firmware update:

  1. The router crashes when Fix FasTrack Plus QoS is enabled and streaming media from the router to my DLNA enabled devices. After the crash the router will no longer connect to the internet. So I have to manually turn off the device and wait for it to restart. Why not add a “Keep Alive/Connection Watchdog” as noted in my number 2 request below

  2. Please add a “Keep Alive/Connection Watchdog” option to the router i.e. if for what ever reason the router crashes or it does not detect an internet signal the router will reboot after a predetermined time period. I had this on my old netgear router wndr 3300 which has open source firmware dd-wrt.

  3. Please let me add more than 23 clients for “Mac address filtering” to my router. With hiding my SSID, added a strong password with numbers, letters, and characters, I also want to filter all the MAC addresses of all my current and past devices.

Thank you WD. Please make this Christmas wish list come true. Make it a Christmas miracle

Hi, you can try posting you ideas in the ideas section.

How about just making the device stable with new firmware?


fast  track  works   right  out  of  the   box