Choppy streaming

So I recently purchased a MyCloud 4tb and for the most part I’m pretty happy with it however I have had a couple of occasions when watching a show it will start getting very choppy and almost like it’s not buffering enough data.  This happens more when in the network shares and can sometimes be resolved with pausing the show for a few min, but it usually comes back again.  Media shares seem to be ok to a point then it actually freezes the show and kicks me out and removes the media share from being viewable in wdtv.

My setup:

DIR-825 gigabit router (cat 6 wired house)

WDTV Live (wired)

I have done the basics of resetting the MyCloud from the dashboard, rebuilt the DNLA database, reset my router but not having any luck.  Any suggestions would greatly welcomed!  Is there anything I should be adjusting within the router itself?


It is possible that the NAS was busy ingesting some new content and that can make it unresponsive.

I don’t believe so as I have nothing that auto saves to the NAS.  Anything I want on the NAS I manually place there.  

Additionally only 1 device (WDTV live) is accessing the NAS for playback