Choppy Netflix playback

On my WD TV Live Plus, Netflix playback has never been smooth.  Got it back when it first came out and it was far worse then but is still far from being close to an acceptable smoothness.  A little background for those wondering: have tried every fw to date for it as I was always keeping up on the fw releases so on 1.04.31_B as of right now of course.  Running wired as I do not have a wireless adapter for it.  12mbps internet connection.  Netflix on Roku, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC *is* smooth.  Only the WD TV Live Plus has stuttering that is really noticeable on pans and zooms.  Local and network 720p and 1080p video runs fine on the WD TV Live Plus and yes, I have tried resetting it’s setting multiple times.

Can anyone help me get this thing to playback Netflix with an acceptable framerate?

Have you tried to roll back the firmware? here is a link for the procedure.

Not any point for me to do so since as I stated, every fw ever released has exhibited this.  Besides, now with the updated Netflix interface at least, I would never want to go back to the previous style.