Choosing the right format

I’ve just got a new media  player, not sure exactly which model, and when you turn it on the first time the system asks you what type of output you wish to use - whether you use the normal yellow, red and white av cords or the red, green and blue. I accidentally chose the wrong type of output when i first turned it on and now can’t figure out how to change it to the correct source.

The TV shows a distorted view of the WD emblem and the remote doesn’t help. Tried turning off the entire system and restarting from scratch but the media player now continually shows the same distorted emblem, so i’ve got no idea how to fix it and choose the right output type. Trying to get it going on Australian TV, does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers

Surely it came in a box which tells you what is is. If not look at the label on the side. I don’t remember this type of question when turning on the live. You say you chose wrongly but what did you choose and how are you connected to your TV. If you have a live just connect via the yellow, red and white AV leads to the composite input of your TV and then turn on and press the button on the side using a paperclip. Only press for a second. The unit will reset and maybe you can start again.