Choosing RAID Mode

Can I use Drive 1 as an active drive for Shared Data and use Drive 2 as a target for backup of all the folders from Drive 1 periodically not instantaneously? 

If yes, would performance be better using this approach than using RAID 1?   

Yes you can with a JBOD configuration. However, you may need an application to manage file transfers/increments from volume 1 to volume 2.


I can’t use the installed software to do an internal backup of Drive 1 to Drive 2? 

WD SmartWare is only able to target local drives in your computer. It does not currently target other NAS volumes or drives.


I am obviously quite confused about software function, at this point.  Please forgive my naivety, but the users manual on page 67 says “Internal Backup - Allows you to back up data from one storage location to another on your WD My Cloud EX2 or WD My Cloud EX4 device.”  

I’m not playing gotcha here, I’m just trying to find out if that statement applies to a case where I setup my EX2 in JBOD mode and use Drive 1 exclusively as the active volume and use Drive 2 as a periodic full back up of volume from Drive 1. 

I greatly appreciate your help,