Choosing language

The problem I have is: My laptop runs on a Spanish language version of Microsoft. Automatically the device runs in Spanish too. How can I change that in Dutch (preferred) or English? Thanks for your help!


If you are referring to the language of the software, it will be the same as the operating system, In order to have the software on a preferred language i would recommend trying to get perhaps a language pack installed on your computer to see if this way it can work on your preferred language. Hope this helps.

Hello ArMak,

Thank you for your help. Do you perhaps have an idea what kind of language pack will connect the language choose of my WD device with my operating system?

Thanks, Eric

well, if i’m not mistaken you can download a language pack of your choice to make the operating system have a different language, this way you can install the software an might have the language you wish. hope this helps.

Thanks. I´ll see what I will do. Changing my OS language just to adjust a connected device, is quit a huge step.