Choose a video settings incompatible with my tv and now, the screen is scrambled


Just bought WD TV Live Hub and i was playing with settings to put component 1080i. I had a confirmation screen asked if i want to keep that resolution. I click cancel (because i wanted to try the other refresh rate). When i’ve selected Cancel, the screen become scrambled and flicking vertically. Now I can’t do anything with my WD TV Live Hub. I tried to reset it but it keep the same screen resolution. I can’t change it. So I now use my WD TV Live Hub as a paper weight.

I’ve tried to reset the box with a paper clip (holding reset 1 sec and holding it 10 sec). It reboot but i can’t see anything. I’ve tried to plug it on another tv and can’t do anything either.

Any one can help me?

Use the composite connection.

Okay, I tried the composite cable and the screen was flicking vertically… I manage to go through menu and choose Composite. Now it stopped to flick. And then, I’ve been able to choose composite and I DID NOT CLICK CANCEL!!! and it worked. I consider that there’s a bug with the device since originally, I choose Cancel and video became scrambled… That should be fix, I was about to get a refund and buy another device.

Thanks BTW! Appreciated! :slight_smile: