Chkdsk of Passport 0740 USB reports the volume bitmap is incorrect

When I check the properties for the passport it shows 383B used with 81GB free. When I display its contents with Size for each of its folders / contents, I can account for only 7 megabytes; so I ran the chkdsk which reported the volume bitmap is incorrect.

How do I get the passport’s bitmap corrected? I need to know the size of my system images on this passport.

I did run chkdsk with /f parameter. Properties for the passport now show 86GB free; however the display of the contents still only show folders / contents with total size of 7 megabytes.


It is possible that you have some hidden files or even a corrupted partition.
click on the “show hidden files” option and if this does not work try formatting the drive. Please note that formatting the drive will delete all data stored in it.