Chickens and Eggs

I have installed my new Passport.

The process took ages and I thought I would never succeed in completing the installation.

This gives me access to the user manual.

The user manual tells me what I should have done to install the drive.

There are no installation instructions included in the packaging.

Please can someone explain to me why installation instructions are only accessible AFTER one has managed to do an installation.

Which Passport and what OS are you using?


It is a My Passport Essential SE 750 GB.  So far I have only installed it on my XP Pro Machine.  The default installation obviously did not install the SmartWare, and I am not sure if Smartware should be installed.  I have 3 computers, (XP, Vista, and Win 7).  Most of the files on the Passport will be files which I want to access from any of my  computers.  Is SmartWare smart enough to do automatic backups of 3 different computers.  (I haven’t yet had time to read the manual because my attempt to copy a very large folder from an old WD iTB drive to the new drive has proved error prone, and I am still trying to get the two drives to sync.)