Checking Google results for "WD Smartware"

Out curiosity I typed “WD Smartware” into Google, and before clicking the ‘search’ button, the top 3 suggested (ie. Most popular Google searches) were …


I was surprised to see that more people wanted to download it than remove it. I thought this was strange as the Smartware comes pre-loaded on WD’s portable hard drives. So to satisfy my curiosity further, I clicked ‘search’ for each of the suggestions and found that …
WD Smartware download = about 20,100 results
WD Smartware removal = about 56,000 results
WD Smartware problems = about 20,500 results

Why aren’t the most popular searches listed first? Is someone massaging the figures to cover up just how bad WD Smartware is?

Anyway, as you can see Western Digital. You’ve a major problem here – sort it out please.

They are working on sorting it out.  And hopefully, soon…