Checkdisk on a (damaged?) WD5000G032


H have a WD5000G032 external  network drive connected to a local network on my office.  

When I installed it I didn’t use any special software that was supported on CD like WDanywhere (I found it extremely complicated ) so I was just plugged the disk to the LAN and stored everything to the public directory.

This worked fine for almost 3 years. Now the disk is connecting to the network, but when I try to use data from some directories , the disk connection crashes.

This has happened once, a week ago. After some tries (plugging it to another position, or changing the cable) the disk worked again. Fortunately i have backed-up all my data, but now the problem has appeared again.

Is there any way to perform a checkdisk  on this network disk;

Can I connect it directly to my pc using the usb cable to see it as a local disk;

I only have acess to the public directory.  Is there any way to aceess the entire disk without getting involved with the complicated WDanywhere; I don’t want to access my disk from anywhere (i’m afraid to do it), I want to have acess only from my local network .

How can I check if my disk is ok;

Thanks in advance,

George Nikolaidis

Thessaloniki, Greece


You can connect your drive directly to the Ethernet port of your computer with the Ethernet cable, but CHKDSK will not see the EXT3 file system of the drive.

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Hi there, I have the same drive, and again after using it for about three years as a network storage device.

I am trying to copy a 13Gb video file off the drive, but it keeps losing the connection.

I have plugged it directly into the LAN port on the computer, however even then it loses the connection after only copying a small amount of data.  I click retry a few times, copies some more and then loses the link again.

I am guessing that being about 3 or 4 years old the drive is probably past it’s life, but I am tring to back up these files to my computer.

Any suggestions, or should I be looking at pulling the drive out and putting just the sata drive inside in another computer?