Checkdisk every time I plug in by USB

I’m not a techie minded person so please bear with!!

This is starting to wear me down so please help.
I’ve rarely used this drive and in fact this problem started occurring well within 12 months of use.
Every time I connect up by USB for backing up I get the Check-disk window come up.
Each time I tick both Automatically Fix and Scan for bad sectors.
PC tells me everything is fixed.
I restart the PC, plug in the drive and up comes the same error.

Then when I am backing up the drive just freezes on me. Is this a faulty drive?
What tests can I run?
I really do not want to re-format unless there are no other options!



Try running a diagnostic using WD DLG>

Data Lifeguard Diagnostics For Windows

Are you clicking “safely remove hardware” from bottom-right Tray menu each time before you remove drive?