Check disk integrity


How do I check the disk integrity of my drive. I’m using Windows 7, I don’t think scandisk will work with it, also I’m not seeing anything with the web admin interface, other than reporting the volume status itself.

Much appreciated…


You can do it with a program able to scan drives on your network, on this page you have several programs able to do that. Some of them are free and some are not (Try the free ones first), also Google terms that play with checking a network drive for health or status.

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Thanks for the reply. I should have been more specific in my original post.

I’d like to check that the NTFS volume structure is intact and well formed on that drive (not health/smart etc, WD does that already within via it’s web software)… Also I’m looking for a specifc recommendation from somebody who has used the software. Anyway I’m surprised WD does not have a utility themselves for this…

chkdsk would be great but “Windows cannot check a disk attached through a network”. I guess if it was a Lunux partition it would be a doddle.

Nothing on that link that will suit my specific requirements, but I appreciate the help!



The MyBook World is EXT3, not NTFS, so it does have a Linux partition and Linux can help you check on the integrity of the file system.


Oops, never mind, didn’t see that you were looking for a filesystem checker.