Chassis Dead - Data Recovery (WD my book 1TB NAS)


I have a WD my book 1TB NAS, the chassis has failed but the drive is still good.  My thoughts are quite simple, take out the drive and plug it into a computer to read.  (Standard SATA USB reader)

However it is not turning out to be that simple, the drive is show as uninitialized in a Windows 7 machine and in Ubuntu.  My problem is that if I initialize the drive will_ _I lose the data?  (I am pretty sure I will)

I have a few options availible to me which I am not sure will work or not.

  • Purchase a new My Book and change the drives. 
  • Figure out what on earth will read these drives.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.



please don’t initialize the drive. data will lose. and you replace it with good unit won’t work any more. read this page for help. or you can ask them for help.