Character œ in stand alone srt files

Hello everybody.

The french character œ is displayed correctly in a srt file embeded in a mkv.

Unfortunately all my srt files are stand alone files with the same name of the mkv one.

The character œ is not displayed, there is just a space.  ex : “j’ai mal au c ur”

I can’t mix the srt with the mkv, i have too many files.

Would this be fixed in a next firmware ?

I found also that there is a lot much space in the interline when the srt is displayed on 2 lines.

Is it possible to fix that like the size of the characters in the last firmware ?

Have you tried saving the SRT muxed into the MKV in UTF-8 format instead of ANSI?

All is fine if the srt is muxed in the mkv…

If the same srt (utf8) is not muxed, the charater œ (and only this one) don’t appear.

It’s a little bug.