Chapter support and Handbrake

Hey all.

I am on a mac abnd using handbrake to rip my DVD collection. I want to have my movies support chapter markers. I am getting them from the original DVD’s so the chapters are there. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Some have said that the chapter support does not work yet. This makes it hard to know if I am doing it properly.

Lastly, what file format to people rip to and why?

Cheers thanks and propz


Handbrake supports chapters just fine; at least on the Linux build I use…  

I rip the titles to MKV using h.264 and AC3 pass-thru.   I include any other audio tracks of interest (directors’ commentaries and the like) as well as all English subtitles of interest.

The chapters for MKV files aren’t as precise as DVDs  (MKVs are down to a second, while I think DVDs are accurate to the millisecond…)  So, sometimes when you jump to a chapter, it’s a few seconds off from where you’d expect.   This is certainly not a big deal to me.

I did notice yesterday that chapter support for WINDOWS handbrake on Win7 doesn’t seem to work correctly; but I was just playing around in Windows, I do all my re-encodes on my Linux server since its just sitting quietly doing nothing but that all day  (My last batch had it running for about 3 days straight converting about 80 titles.

I keep experimenting with no success. Movies ripped with Handbrake in the mp4 h264 format play in iTunes and my iPod but can not fast forward or rewind while watching in WD TV Live. Can FF & RWD ripped MK4 files but they won’t play in iTunes nor my iPod.

I’m looking for a file format or Handbrake setting that will allow me to synch with my iPod AND enjoy all features in WD TV Live.

If you’re patient, I would stick with MP4;  I’m confident at some point that WDC will fix this issue.

For now, I’m ripping everything to MKV.   If I want to stick it into my iPod later, I re-encode the MKV using the iPod Touch preset; it’s fast (maybe 15% of real-time), so it doesn’t take a long time to do it…

I would recommend makemkv to rip your DVD. It will demux the VOB files and remux them in a mkv container. It keeps the chapter, and you can name them as you want. The resulting files are quite big, between 3 and 5 GB, but you keep the same quality as the original files and it takes around 10 minutes for a DVD.

10 mn for a DVD ???

My MakeMV version is probably crappy, then… It announces me 2 hours for a 4.7GB DVD…

(It’s the last Beta version, running a Macbook Pro).

[Edit] In fact, my DVD is the culprit… I’ve just checked with another (7GB) and it’s much faster… although the “saving to MKV” is about 1 hour)