Changing upload folders in "WD Photo" android app

Hello everyone, newby here. I have a “My Cloud” 4t with all software installed on a windows XP machine. I have installed the WD My Cloud app and the WD Photo app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1 Lollypop. I have created several folders (Shares) for various people to upload photos to. Just for experimental purposes, I uploaded a photo from my phone to a Share on the Cloud using the WD Photo app, and this went well. But when I tried to upload another photo to another folder, I could not find a way to change from the folder I initially selected for the first photo. Can someone tell me how to do that? Would I be better off using the WD My Cloud app rather than the WD Photo app for uploading photos?

Thanks for reading this.


Try using the WD My cloud App.

Finally answered my own question. I did not, at first, realize that the list of shares/folders was scrollable, so I only saw the first four of them.