Changing to Static ip address for MBL

Now I want to set a static ip address for MBL-

Could you supply any information about that?

I mount the drive to make it easier to pull saved files- once in a while my router or modem reboots and its a pain to reconnect.
I have to reboot the MBL from the interface/UI

Any reason not to make it static?


There is one downside that I know of … and a pretty small one. Once you give the device a static IP addr you must make sure you keep it on the same subnet. That is, if your router uses the subnet and you change to a router that uses (and can’t be changed) you will not be able to reach your 192.168.1.nnn static IP address.

Thanks for the reply-
I tried to setup a static address today but it asked for a DNS server name, or it might of been address, not sure.
Anyway it stopped me dead in my tracts as I was not aware of what I should do, can yu make any suggestion as to what I should put in?
Thanks again for the help