Changing to new computer


My first post having just bought and set up a My book live duo. I’m not IT literate so please be gentle.

I’ve set it up as raid 1. And after having initial problems with the WD Smartware software update which greyed out the backup and retrieve tabs meaning i couldn’t run a backup…I removed the Smartware and reinstalled it and stopped the software update. So I was able to do a back up of my media on the C drive.

But now I’ve decided to change my PC to a new one running Win 8. Probably should have made that decision first and started with a fresh PC!  So I hope this can be done pain free?

So what do I need to do do to move the Duo to a new PC?

Will I lose the media I backed up?



So what do I need to do do to move the Duo to a new PC? it should be the same procedure that you did on the first computer… Initial installation of the software and the drive.

Regarding the files they should be on the unit since what you are going to install is the software on the new computer…

You don’t need to configure the unit since you already did that to RAID 1