Changing themes easily?

Hello everyone,

I have ran Mochi for some time now, but I am interested in changing my theme.  I am wondering if there is an easy way to change to the theme and still use the same files for all my movies.  It seems like it takes a lot of time to go through and generate sheets for each movie, modify the xml (maybe using old instructions), etc.  

Is there a way to change your theme or will I need to delete all the additional files with my movies and start over everytime I want to change a theme?

Thanks in advance.


step 1. recreate from metadata using new template

when recreate from metadata, only create the new sheet

ps. if you did not create metadata originally you’re sol

Agreed with KAD79. Dev suggested that I create .TGMD files in thumbgen with each movie and TV show which holds all the data and then can be used to automaticaly make sheets with a different template without having to do all the manual stuff again. Assuming that is what KAD79 means, and it works really well. When I moved form BM to GBBM it was a lot easier having a .TGMD file for each movie and TV episode.

You can setup Thumbgen to generate that file along with all your other files (linksheet/backdrop, movie icon etc) and then either keep it in the main directories or back them up to someplace else for later use. Will save you a lot of time.