Changing the target back-up folder on the MyCloud

When I set up the MyCloud I got 2 folders, one my user name “Phil”, one “Public”.
I set up to back up all users to “Public” folder, and all worked fine.
But then the family started watching videos etc on the TV over the wifi from this public folder, so instead I decided to back-up to the “Phil” folder to maintain some privacy. The back-up settings does give this option.

But it didn’t work out, I still got the back-up folder generated and populated in “Public” and a partially filled version also in “Phil”
I did a “System Factory Restore” (System only), so everything deleted, set to “Phil” before the first back-up, and tried again. No joy, same result, folder in both “public” and “Phil”

In reality can you only back up to the “Public” folder and not specify another folder on the MyCloud?

Hi, you should go into the backup sections and stop the backup, once thats done, delete the swstor folder form the Public folder and then start your backup on the Phil folder.

Have you read all of the Help information under and whats under the Help tab for Backup? There is a link for the Online User Manuals at the bottom of the Help tab page.

Thanks for the replies.
I once again did a “System Factory Restore” (System only) for a clean start, and now it’s doing what I want.
so issues solved.

Don’t know why it didn’t work before, must have been the magic silicon pixies or something.

No, not fixed.
Just checked again and a back-up folder has been created and populated despite always being set to back-up to my folder.

Any fixes anyone?

Yes I delete it (several times) but it just re-creates itself.
This last time it took a few days before it re-created itself in "public’

Thanks but there is nothing in there that remotely relates to this problem

You can use any backup/sync software with the MyCloud. I’d suggest:

Just updated to the latest firmware and problem still persists. Must be a software glitch. I can’t believe I’m the only one having this problem. Will contact WD directly, I guess they don’t monitor this forum for potential errors in their products.

It sounds like a problem specific to the Smartware program on your PC. Have you tried uninstalling the Smartware software, and ensured any left over Smartware folder(s) is removed from your PC, then removed the swstor folder form the Public folder of the My Cloud, then reinstall the Smartware software and setup a new backup that points to a different folder on the My Cloud?

Due to the variations that are possible with people’s computer’s, it is very possible the problem is not wide spread or is confined to just your computer due to your specific computer/OS/Smartware settings.

After months of fiddling with this still no joy.
Actually it’s got worse, not just does it create an additional unwanted back-up in the wrong/unspecified folder it now tries to also do the same in some of the sub-folders of the wrong folder!
I give up. Now I back-up manually with Windows explorer until I can figure out something (i.e… none WD software)
Will first look into Windows folder synchronisation see if that will do it.

As recommended earlier, try FreeFileSync. It does mirror backup, manual sync, and real-time sync.

Thanks cpt, but checked the reviews and was put off by all the malware warnings

It’s not malware; it’s bundled software. Which you can simply decline to install, provided you pay attention to the installer.

Your choice, of course.

Generally one can opt out of the additional software that the installer for Free File Sync offers up. Typically the additional software (usually some variant of OpenCandy) is offered on the fourth installer screen and one can uncheck the check box so it (the extra software) is not installed. Example below:

As with any installer program, read the end user license agreement and read each installer screen very carefully.

Thanks Guys, with the help of youtube I got the FreeFileSync installed and (I think) set up OK for auto synchronisation. So far so good. Lets see how it goes:-)