Changing the MyCloud IP; No firmware update 2.30.181 offered


i just turned my MyCloud on since a year of disconnection and only 2.30.172 update was offered to my. I updated but still 2.30.181 is not shown? manual checking for new version says I am on the last avavable
Does it take some, long time for the update to be offered?

Why not just download the latest v2.x firmware right from the WD Support website and install it manually from the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Firmware section.

Firmware Release 2.30.181 (01/12/2018) | Release Notes

well i know, but i was asking for the auto notification for the new version.

it is also about the trust to know that the software will inform me when new update is out, and not reading it in the forum

I’ve seen it happen in the past on my unit where the auto update feature of the single bay My Cloud doesn’t show a later firmware update that is available for manual download from WD Support. Sometimes WD is a bit slow in pushing the update out to the My Cloud devices via the auto update feature.

Obvious things to check is ensure the My Cloud has an internet connection. One may have to configure the My Cloud with public DNS servers (via the Static IP setting in the Dashboard) if it has problems accessing the Internet.

something else… after a year of disconnetion I now noticed that the IP addess of the mycloud device was changed. It is not a big deal but now i must adapt all the shortcuts. I use DHSP and know that in the past year this IP address may have being used. The quistion is may this happen again and have different MyCloud IP address?

One can configure the My Cloud for a static or reserved IP address. For reserving an IP address that is done through the local network router’s administration page. For a static IP address, that can be configured through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network page. Typically reserving an IP address through the router is better/easier to manage.

so static and reserved IP address is the same?

Not quite…

Static is usually set by the client end (e.g. your MyCloud)

Reservations are performed via the DHCP server.

But they have pretty much the same effect; the router will use the static or reserved IP address all the time.

The advantage of reservations via the DHCP server is that you have all your IP addresses in one place, reducing the chance of conflict if they are set as static IP by the clients.

I am hearing you have not maintained your My Cloud for the past year and now you want to blame WD for not getting any notifications.

Every week I either shutdown and reboot or just do a reboot of my My Cloud. I also keep an eye out for updates.

I suggest following Bennor’s suggestion and downloading the latest update and installing it. Then maintain your My Cloud and keep an eye out for updates.

Yes and no. While both will allow the My Cloud to have a non changing IP address, the difference is in how one sets up that non changing IP address. Reserving an IP address is done through the router’s administration page. Setting up a “static IP” address is done through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network page. If you want to set up a static IP address through the Dashboard, see the link I posted above which is the WD Knowledgebase article on setting up a static IP address.

I think you have misunderstood.

I read this as meaning the MyCloud has been unused for a year.

exactly! The device was off for a year

in my router Hitron cve-30360 I can not find option to reserve IP address !? Is it possible?

In the dhcp settings there is a lease-time, setting it up to “forever” will force the router to hold the device`s IPs forever, am I right?

That’s the same as IP reservation; the concept goes by different names: “reserve”, “infinite lease”, “always use this address”, etc.

yes, but i can not enter the wished IP address to be reserved

Have you checked it isn’t conflicting with another device?

Or can you not find the method of entering the IP address?

Is the IP address you wish to set within the subnet of your router’s DHCP assignment range?

Why do you want to set a specific address? Why not just let the DHCP server assign an address, and then fix it?

You will need to look at each of teh administrator pages carefully to see if there is an option to set or reserve an IP address in the router’s DHCP settings. Or find and read the user manual for that router. The one user guide ( I did find and read through quickly doesn’t appear to list the ability to set/reserve a client IP address in the DHCP settings of that router.

Otherwise you will have to set a static IP within the My Cloud Dashboard. See the link posted earlier for more information on how to do so. You will need to set that IP address within the same IP address range as the DHCP range used by the router. But take care to avoid using the same IP address the router has issued to other network clients.