Changing the MyBook from External USB to internal SATA

The usb port on my external drive recently broke off, so I took apart the external drive and connected it internally to my MOBO via Sata 6gb/s. The drive shows up in My Computer, however windows wants to format the drive. I’ve tried detecting the drive with WD Smartware to no avail (only scans for USB) and I have an upcoming deployment and really do not want to lose this data! 

The precise problem is:

Took apart the MyBook, placed it inside the computer, connected it with SATA 6gb/s.

Drive comes up, can’t access data because Windows wants to format to NTFS (says its raw data)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The drive is hardware encrypted, whether you set a password or not.

Unless you want to pay a zillion dollars for a supercomputer to try and crack the encryption, the drive will only be usable with the hardware bridge attached to it to handle the decryption.

If you can’t get someone to solder a new port back on, I think you may be out of luck.

Yep, that was the next idea. Never been very good at it, but I figure there’s nothing to lose now, and no better time to learn! Much appreciated