Changing the Case so I don't have to buy anther 50 cables to see if it will work with on


As stated.

The drive is very picky about the cable. As in, I have 10 WD genuin ones and all but 1 do not work. The same thing happens with other cables.

I am tired of this.

As the frive is out of warrenty and I want to move it to a standard case.

However you seem to have a different connector on the back.

Not SATA or IDE but one you you own making.

I want to remove this and get to the drive.

If this can not be down. Then I think a replacement unit free of charge is in order as the drive itself is fine.

Mate, that 's not a very good idea. Depending of the drive model they have the logic board attach to the drive itself.


I would agree with you and would not normally change the case on the device.

However, the USB port is fault on the drive and as it is out of warranty, I don’t feel like paying WD to fix a design fault they created. 

So being able to change the case should be straight forward only WD made another design choice to mess with the drive/board so you can’t do that. 

If this is there definition of creating the best products, then surly they would have considered faulty design and a way to fix it apart from the customer having to perches another drive.

If it does appear to be the case then I will swift to Seagate are there drives are standard.

Thanks for the reply though. Very quick indeed.