Changing Subtitles Font

Hi … i didn’t find an answer about my questions …

Is it possible to change subtitles font ? they seem to be Arial … I would like to use Tahoma for example. Is there a way to do that ?


WD Fonts are supplied by “Arphic” which are under license for use with WD Media Players.

(Explains why they are are encrypted and can’t be changed) 

Font is in this propriety format … uEJGBK-ATH_HeitiBoldGDL.mbf

in the setup_about.xml .…

<text text=“Font powered by Arphic®” x=“274” y=“497” w=“730” h=“50” textcolor=“0xe2e2e2” align=“left” fontsize=“20”/>

(i’ve only ever seen other fonts possible with Custom Firmware on the Live (Gen1)

 Short Answer: No, you can’t change the font.

That’s a shame … Thanks for your quick reply.

Just an Thought of this …

If you want Subtitles with a different Font … you could convert the *.srt to VobSub idx/sub format

(many apps out there will let you choose the font)

i just remembered, a while ago, i created 3D subs for Avatar using the Papyrus Font using 3dSubtitler

So, kinda a correction of the above statement …

Subtitles=Yes … you can use a different font (but you have to *create it*)

Subtitles=No … without creating a new VobSub idx/sub , and using *.srt … then you’re stuck with the default WD Font.

Ok … I have lot of film so I will see if I’m courageous to build subtitles for all of them …

Again, Thanks a lot for the info.

Arial is one of the most used fonts in VobSubs, I have no idea why you would wanna use Tahoma since it’s designed for computer screens and no visual improvement.