Changing Shell due to power button not working

I have a ex4100, 4 bay NAS, and the power will not come on anymore. I have ordered a new shell and im hoping that I can just put the drives from the old shell over to the new shell and be up and running. Is this a realistic hope? anything special I need to do or know?

A shell? Not a power supply?
(By the way: this part of the forum is not intended for such topics.)

power supply is fine, but the unit wont turn on. so I have ordered another diskless unit, hoping to be able to just move disks over to new shell/unit

I see a problem with the configuration.
Hopefully you have a copy of your current configuration. For reading in that configuration one disk must be already inserted. Therefore a dummy disk might be needed for reading in that configuration. After the configuration is recognized, that dummy disk can be pulled out and the disks of your current machine can be inserted in the correct places. If they are not marked already, it might be useful to mark them immediately after pulling them out.