Changing properties on a picture

I have a WD world edition 2 at 2TB setup as raid.

I run Windows Seven 64bit and I have stored to the public folder of WDW my pictures. On some of them I want to change their property to hidden, but the drive cannot leep this change. It always returns to the default property.

I faced exactly the same issue with iTunes library which initially I saved the folder within Public Music/iTunes but each time itunes library was empty. So I was forced to change the store folder ot itunes to my internal drive and kept only my music folders to the WDW.

How could I overcome this issue?

That’s part of the EXT3 file system of the drive, if you want to hide those pics then move them to a private share.

This is really unbelivable. So my only solution is to move the photos on a private folder. Even if I don’t like this since when I take a backup I want to be sure that all my photos are there and not only what I see.

But what about iTunes lets say or changing the attibutes of an mp3?

There should be a way to change it.

Changing metadata and changing attributes is not the same.

Ok then since it is EXT3 can I change the attibutes from linux or from ssh?


So how it is possible with SSH to make a file hidden?