Changing ports


I have domain “” and i have web server that runs on different box. I also have myBook Live  running.

I have registered my domian with godaddy but when i go to it always ends up at which is login page for mybooklive web interface.

Is there any way I can change this?

You have to forward port 80 in your router and point it to the internal IP of the web server. If you have WD2GO enabled on your MBL, it likes to use port 80 and 443 I think by default and will use the routers UPnP feature to automatically forward those ports when using WD2GO to the MBL. You will want to go in and manually setup new ports on the MBL for the WD2GO service. You should then be able to reach your webserver…

how do you manually change ports for WD2GO service?