Changing Ports for Accessing

I can’t use port 80 to access my Sentinel (it is tied up with a VOIP system).  Does anyone know how I can set this thing up so I can access remotely?



here you have a link to the user manual of the unit… check on page 38.

You don’t need port 80.  Just type the “s” manually.  It actually flips from 80 to 443 which is what it uses.


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Gramps; I’ll give that a try when I get back to home base.  That sounds like what I’m looking for.  Thanks!

Just run the remote access wizard as normal on the box.  Make sure uPNP is disabled on your router so it does not change your port 80.  Ignore the warnings in the wizard that says your router is not configured properly, then manually forward 443 to your WD box