Changing permissions


Can’t seem to change anything in my WD my book. I am running Yosemite. Haven’t changed a bloody thing on my computer. Was actually using the book last week and it worked just fine. REPEAT…I have not updated any software or firmware, but suddenly today my WD My book is not allowing me to change read write permissions. i can pull it up under “get info”, I can unlock it, but it will not allow me to select any users, and states under permissions that “you can only read”. I have no idea why this would have changed seemingly overnight. but it has.

Any way of changing permissions without losing data on the drive?


Are you able to try the unit on a different Mac?

I agree with @ERmorel. I would try a different computer and maybe try a different cable and a different wall outlet for power. Sometimes bad cables or insufficient power can cause weird issues like this.