Changing orientation from horizontal to vertical?


I have got two WD RED HDDs which I bought many years ago. Both of them have almost 30k hours of work time (no errors/issues whatsoever). Now that I purchased a new PC case, it would be required to change the placement orientation from horizontal to vertical. I have read many opinions about this matter, but I still have my doubts. Some people say that once HDD is placed in chosen orientation, it should stay that way and it would be working fine, but it’s another case if you try to change its position after it has worked for many years in other placement orientation. That might cause some issues.

WD Reds are not regular, cheap drives, so maybe I shouldn’t be worried after changing their orientation from horizontal to vertical, but before I do that, I would like to confirm that I have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, I would have to get rid of the drives that I own and buy a new one, which of course I would like to avoid.

Thanks for your help!