Changing Networks... What do I need to do?

So, I’m changing apartments in a week or so, and that means a new network, new router, etc…
I haven’t had to touch the My Cloud since I set it up, and I have all the drives mapped to my various computers.
Simple questions:

  1. Is there anything I should do in preparation for this move, from a networking perspective? I’m not worried about the physical move, but should I ensure certain settings, remove or change anything, record any settings, etc.

  2. Are there any dangers I need to watch out for? I live in Thailand, and so, my router access is apt to be limited, both by some measure of reluctance on the part of my ISP, and even by the potential that my routers admin screens will be in Thai (I speak it, but can’t read it). Anything I need to ask my installer?

  3. Anything else I should/need to know?


Hello beachvbguy,

If you have not done any manual changes such as assigning static IP’s or port forwarding, practically there’s nothing to save or change to make the My cloud device work with the new router and network. It’s like Plug&Play. New IP will be assigned by DHCP.

However, If you were using mapped drives on Windows, you may need to unmount and remap them. (Windows) (Mac)