Changing network

Hi everyone

I’m changing my router from a netgear orbi to a unifu dream machine & am having problems with finding the nas drives after I change the routers as they are using completely different ip address. The orbi ip addresses are etc but the unifi are standard addresses.

What is the easiest way to get the my cloud drives to change their ip addresses? I have a number of my clouds & some older my book live nas drives & when I change routers I can not find them on my pc

The drives are set to DHCP & I am not an IT person so don’t have the knowledge to understand what I need to do. I have read that I can do a 4 second reset to force the drives to acquire a new ip address but have also been advised not to do this as “I might end up in a real mess” & that if I leave them for a while ie up to 24 hours they will get a new address themselves.

The reason for changing routers is that I am creating a smart home & the dream machine is a much better router for the job

I don’t know what to do & would appreciate some advice please



Hi @philupnorth!
do you speak about My Cloud Home or My Cloud?
if your drive is MCH, this drive obtain its IP address automatically from router. So, configure your router as DCHP server and restart your drive and router.