Changing modem

I use a My Book Live external HD

I have set up the external drive using a particular modem.

I now wish to change to a new modem.

Can someone tell me how to do that?

I have printed the manual from the Internet but can not find this information in that manual.

Thank you,



Replacing the modem on your network will not affect your My Book Live.

The answer I received is that I can change modems. But that is no response to my question. I would like to know HOW to go about changing the modem.


I previously installed the network drive, and it worked fine.

I have become reluctant to use a modem that is connected to the internet for fear that the modem being hacked. So I want to reconnect the network drive drive to a second (different) modem that isn’t connected to the internet.

The network drive drive now shows a flashing white LED. I cannot access the network drive from a PC. What should I do?

I would be most grateful for assistance.

In am retracting my query due to not receiving an answer.