Changing logon email for - various error messages

I want to change the logon email address that I use to logon to I got an error that I do not understand. I think what I did was go to Set Up Users on the My Cloud Dashboard, select my user there, which had the old email address that I use to logon. I entered the new user address, and I got a message saying it could not do that since there was already a “device user” with that email address.

So - first question - “what is a device user”? This email does not show up under any of the other “users” on the dashboard. How do I get past this apparent conflict?

Next - it lost the old email address, so I re-added that. Then I tried this again, and now I get an error saying: “This email account cannot be deleted. Make sure your device is registered and your network connection is functioning properly, and then try again. (250010)”

Any help would be appreciated

PS - let me add that when I tried to signon with the NEW email ID, it could not accept any password, so I tried to change the password, and it said “The email address you entered is not associated with a account.”

Hello there,

Try to do a reset on the unit to see if by doing this, you can start over and set the email again on the dashboard, check this link and see if this help you out with the reset process:

If this does not help you can try this:

You can try to do a System only restore that will not delete any data from the unit . Hope this helps.

There is nothing in those different resets that says anything about an EMAIL address.

WHAT email parameter am I trying to change with this process? I don’t SEE any parameter on my device that uses the new email address - is it in there but hidden? And why would an email address in the box have anything to do with a account? Are you not allowed to have a account that matches some invisible email address in the box?

I guess I am saying - what’s going to happen differently when I do this reset?



So - I was able to create a brand new user with the email I wanted (and a new share, which is not what I wanted, but OK) - so there is nothing about that new email address already being a “device user.”

What it really means is that you cannot CHANGE the email address for an existing user - except, perhaps, as ArMak suggested, by doing a reset on the box and presumably creating new users from scratch. Seems pretty weird - what if you have 100 users, and one person needs to change their email? But - that’s not my problem.