Changing Location of MY Cloud

Hi all,

I am NOT a techie so bear with me I have been reading through all the Community etc. and I am still not clear on this question. I am moving, and will be moving to a different location with a different internet connection. I see that I will need to shut down the MY Cloud, OK I can do that from the dash board

BUT as the connection is different I know the address will be different, do I only have to switch the MY Cloud Network mode to DHCP and it will find the address itself? OR do I have to somehow input the new address in beforehand?

I usually have it hardwired in by ethernet, so no WiFi problems. Also is there a way to download my data to another hard drive before hand so that if it all blows up I don’t lose it all?


Please refer to the following KBA article: My Cloud Not Accessible - Change Router, ISP or Network