Changing Local Admin in dashboard

Hi there, I’ve just migrated from My Cloud Gen 1 to My Cloud OS5 and after all the set up I have run into a problem with the Admin account that I’m sure must be simple but I cannot find a solution anywhere. Can you help?

I set up the admin account and linked it to my My Cloud account and email.
Then I set up a share and a user on the dashboard for me. However, my email account cannot be used by two My Cloud users

So I just want to find a way to remove the email address from the admin account - restrict access to within the LAN. And then I can use my own My Cloud login on my own user account.

I just cannot find a way of doing this anywhere. Can you advise?

That is correct.
The Admin and Guest user cannot have the same email address.
The “best” way to resolve this issue is to perform a system only restore which will disassociate the email address from the device itself locally and in the cloud.

Thank you for this suggestion.
I have performed a system only restore and on reboot, I chose to skip the option of assigning an email address to the admin account.
However, when I come to set up the cloud access I cannot invite users as it asks to log in to my Admin My Cloud account to invite the users.

So, I’ve set up admin with a dummy My Cloud account. Seems to be the only way to solve it.

In previous versions, there was a way to change the assigned ‘owner’ and therefore the admin account. This would still be a valid and useful option to have in OS5.

The Admin and Guest user cannot have the same email address in OS 5. Cloud access cannot be enabled unless the admin user is assigned an email address which must be different from the guest user.