Changing HDD names on EX4

Hello everyone

I have just bought an EX4 and im running the latest firmware (1.04.05).  I currently have 3 HDDs installed on a JBOD RAID setup.   What I would like to do is rename the hard drives, for example, they currently show up as: Volume_1,Volume_2, Volume_3.  And I would like them to show up as: Films, TV_ Shows, Music. 

Is this possible?



P.S.   thank you in advance for looking at this

To further shed some light on this. 

My plan is to upgrade my hard drives over time.   So I dont loose data, in the future I want to be able to buy a larger HDD and then copy the data from which ever of the smaller ones to the new larger one and then replace that smaller one for a larger one as well.  

By naming the hard drives I will hopefully be able to know which one I am moving data from and to.

If there is an easyer way of do ingthis then im open to suggestions.

Also I dont seem to be able to see the actual file system layout.  I can only see folders called Shared video, shared music, shared pictures.  It dosent show me the file structure.  For example, I cant see the 3 hard drives, and I cant access the File directiory of a Jomla install that the joomla app installed for me.  so i cant modify the contents of the instalation.

Let me highlight a portion of what you said previously “So I dont loose data” AND you wish to run in JBOD w/o any redundancy.  

Haven’t others on this fourm had the same myopic setup of this and ultimately tragic loss of media?

Do yourself a favor, backup right now to external media populate the last drive and re-setup the device in RAID 10, or RAID 5.

Are you creating new Shares? 

Think of a share being a folder.  

Create new shares named what you want and forget about the volume names.  Then you can backup and move data between network shares “folders” re-name shares and sub-folders & set access permissions.  

FYI.  JBOD is *NOT* RAID it offers no protection of your data your very susceptible to data loss.

  • JBOD  (derived from " just a bunch of disks"): an architecture involving multiple  hard drives, while making them accessible either as independent hard drives, or as a combined (spanned) single logical volume with no actual RAID functionality.

I don’t understand why after investing the higher expense of purchasing a hardware based RAID device like the EX4 plus the expense of the multiple drives what usage case needs to only use it in JBOD w/o any redundancy. 

Plenty of way less expensive devices exists to store larger data sets w/o any hardware RAID redundancy.  

It’s like buying a car with every gee-whiz safety feature available and NOT wearing your seat belt and turning off the airbags. 

Thank you for your replys so far

I will take the advice and raid my drives

the reason I set up my drives as i have is probably more down to ignerance on my part.  basically what i want to be able to do is upgrade my hard drives without loosing the information.  

so i guess my question should have been, how can i raid my hard drives and then replace one for a larger drive later without loosing any data? how can i ensure that there is no data on the drive i want to pull out?

As for your question how to determine which drive is safe to remove I think there is a method in the control panel of the software to offline a disk.  

I think what your referring to is called a RAID horizontal migration I don’t believe the EX4 supports what your asking to migrate 1 of the smaller disks to a larger disk.  The RAID migrations the EX4 supports last time I checked w/ support were limited 

I thought it was able to go from 3 disk RAID 5 to 4 disk RAID 5 quite easily.   For more along the lines of what you seem to be looking for capacity sizing seamless migration a better product for you might be a Drobo 5N.  Drobo offers swapping out smaller drives with larger to increase capacity. 

I think both Drobo and Synology offer those a richer feature set for what your looking for.  Synology is a superior product for home use, & small  biz.  Drobo I’ve found best for consumer usage.  You might reevalulate your purchasing decision if your in a return window.