Changing email address for My Cloud

Yesterday I received an email that AOL will be charging a monthly fee if I choose to continue to use their new Desktop app, AOL Gold. I am not going to use it so I needed to change my email address for My Cloud. Below are images of how I changed it and what I had to do.

In the Dashboard. Open the Dashboard, click on your user name, select, highlight and delete you old email address then enter your new email address and Save it. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

After doing this check your email for the new address you entered. You should have an email from My Cloud and when you open it you should see the following.

Create a password, I used the same one as I had for my old email address, and you should be ready.

Hi there, thanks for sharing this guide with us along with the screenshots, makes it more helpful that way.

It didn’t work for me, I got the message below, and my device is registered and the network is fine. I tried 3 times, and even got the email referred to. Thanks anyway for the tip. Any other suggestions? BTW I already have 2 other My Cloud devices registered on the email account that I tried to change to put all 3 devices together, maybe that is my problem.

“This email account cannot be deleted. Make sure your device is registered and your network connection is functioning properly, and then try again. (250010)”

@Rickys I don’t know if it will help but did you try signing in to after getting the email to create a password.

If that doesn’t help contact, Great_ScottWDStaff .