Changing backup start times for individual computers

Is there a way to change the backup start time of individual computer out of the normal back up time scheduled? I see in scheduled tasks a backup entry but it states it has never been run but my computer has a  backup entry for every day. I have also verified the restore option and it shows the files.

If I change the backup time will the server just send a new task to the computer to backup on the schedule it wants to backup?

I have no clue how it works, my task says never also :) 

Somehow, it tries to run during the backup window set in the dashboard computers, more backup tasks.  And if it does not run in that window in 7 to 10 days (not sure exactly) it will start a backup outside the window whenever it is connected.

The task we see as never may be a task to wake the computer for backup if asleep.

Once upon a time someone showed me where the tasks are, but I can’t find them now.  My thoughts are if you change that task it will not change anything.

Well I changed the time and the server just updated it to the time it wants to run. I note the task is starting a programe named runtask.exe. Has anyone seen any options that can be changed on that line to force a manual backup?