Changing back up content

I just installed I Book Essential on my new MAC. I went crazy and put all my digital videos on the MAC and completely filled it up. When the I Book transferred everything, it gave a warning that it was full (some of the movies didn’t come over they still showed up yellow). I thought maybe I could go back to the back up preference choice and change it from all the file types to just movies. When I push the apply and run “back up” there is no activity, is that because the setting can’t.  be changed after it’s done.

I was trying to delete some things manually. I opened the I Book and the finder next to each other. If I deleted something from I Book, it automatically deleted from the MAC as well.

Please help!

Delete files from the WD external drive will not delete the one from the internal drive.

Sometime after clicked run Back Up, it doesn’t start right away:

If you have lots of files to back up, the software will do it calculations, more files equal more time.

It seems nothing is going on but,  it is doing its thing in the background. I wish it has a progress bar.

That is why it to takes longer to start.