Changing a wd external harddrive into a internal

So this happen and I thought maybe the part that converts it into a usb drive was broken. So I remove that, plugged in a power and sata cord to the motherboard, but it does not get detected. did I do something wrong or do I have to do something special?


Is the drive spining? are you able to hear anything from the drive?

Well I check and I do feel vibrations, unless thats the fan from the computer or the other hardrive, I cant really tell, plus I dont hear any noises like clicks and such like that from the drive. Its either that I plugged the power cord wrong, or there is another factor into this. I dont know, I  need to be very careful and make sure I dont miss the solution to this. It is possible its the sata plug as well so I will check that as well.

Well from some research I learn that the problem could be the diode that is connected to the harddrive. If possible when I remove the diode will it work on the motherboard?