Changing a movie title!

Excuse a seventy year old technophobe’s question, PLEASE.

I’ve downloaded a number of movie discs onto my WD Live TV Hub but now all I’ve got is a series of indecypherabe numbers and lettered file names to refer to. How do I now change those titles to something meaningful, (like the title of the movie)?:cry:

You could simply use your computer to rename them to whatever you want.

:smiley:How simple is that - and how simple am I? Thank you so much.:smileyvery-happy:

If you want to add more meaningful data that you can search by. eg actors etc the auto look-up function allows you to search for a title you type in. Then it automatically will call in an image, bio etc. I found it a lot easier way to search and view the index this way:smiley:

When you’re at the index screen and have a move title highlighted hit the options button on the remote and select get movie Info (can’t remember the exact wording). If it can’t find anything leave the error message on display and then hit the search (magnifying glass on the remote) and type in the movie name

. It should search and then come back with the nearest results. Select the one you want and it then gets all the movie data.

It can still miss things like movie name (I’m in Australia) and some time the movie is released under a different name here to the US. Who knows why. e.g Lucky number Slevin was released here as The Wrong Man.