Changing a folder icon but old one


  trying to change a folder icon but the old one seems to be there still… i am naming it same as b4 “folder”

but the new one isn’t showing up

plz advise…


Yep, I have run into the same problems when trying to change the folder icon.  About the only thing that I have found that works is to access the HUB from your PC, then delete the “.wd_tv” folder, then Clear the Media Library.

This will delete any of your themes and you will have to replace them after the folder is rebuilt.  The reason you have to do this is becasue of the “Thumbs” folder in the .wd_tv folder, but for some reason you can’t just delete the Thumbs folder.

Ran into this same problem earlier today. I’m running the old firmware, but on mine I just deleted the Thumbs file through the network connection from within whatever folder was showing the older picture (which had already been deleted) then clicked on the film itself like I was going to watch it. When I backed out the poster would appear. Not sure if this will work with the update but it’s worth a shot.