Changing a file name on iPad for cloud file on my WD drive over wifi

I can upload a file to my drive remotely but only seem to be able to alter the file name when using my laptop. Would be good if I could do it on my iPad via the app! I can set up a new file, transfer photos to it but just can’t chsnge the name from new file! Help please.

I don’t think a iPad enables changing file names, so chenge it once transferred with a 'real" computer – an iPad is not a computer.

Actually I think it does.

Via the My Cloud app, SELECT the file you want to rename.

The action bar appears; “RENAME” is on the second set.

(That’s on an iPhone, not an iPad, but the results should be the same or similar.)

Thanks Tony!  I learn something everyday.  It worked on iPhone and iPad.

I wish there was a “user guide” for the My Cloud app, or at least a complete and decent help file.  Do you know if it exists?  My experience with the app has been tap here and tap there to see what happens!

I agree with you. If there is a guide, I have no ideas where it is…