Changes to the Netflix software

Who writes the Netflix software for the WD HD TV Live Plus device? I love this device, it’s great. I absolutely hate the new Netflix software, it is problematic and obnoxious. 1) Why was the authentication mechanism changed? I used to get a 5 digit code which I would enter into the activation section of the Netflix web page. You now force me to type my full username and password with the remote control. Huge step backwards (am I missing some option that lets me do this still?) 2) I have been running in to tons of problems streaming videos. Sometimes the movies play in different languages, I was trying to watch some episodes of Stargate SG-1 and they were playing in French. Often times I get an ‘Unable to play’ message with a ‘Try again’ option that never works. I have to power off and back on my device for it to work, I assume there’s a cache of some kind causing problems. Please change the authentication mechanism, use the ‘activate device’ feature instead of forcing me to type in my Netflix username and password. I had to change my password from ‘x^;!.zj5Sjk1{-Z41A’ to ‘12345’ because of obvious reasons (sirs, this is hyperbole). If you WD people aren’t the software developers, point me in the right direction or kick along some complaints to the project managers. Thanks, Bill

 Who writes the Netflix software for the WD HD TV Live Plus device? 


  1.  Because that’s how NetFlix’s new software works.  You’re not FORCED to do that at all.   You can use any HID-compliant USB keyboard to do that.

  2. Have no idea there…  It’s never happened to me.

The fact that I can plug a USB keyboard in doesn’t change the fact that it’s a stupid design decision. I didn’t know I could plug in a USB keyboard, however, so this makes it much less annoying. As for the funny business with streaming, I can handle having to reboot it now and then when things get odd. Thanks for the information, sir, you have made my login process much easier! Bill

P.S. I feel bad for those who have to use wireless USB to connect. Ah well, that isn’t me!