Changed Router, Now Can't Stream Anything from Local Network?

I recently changed internet providers to ATT U-Verse.  With this change I now have a new home router that runs the local network.  Since that change, I have been unable to stream any content from my WD My Book World Edition NAS.  It is a very strange issue.  I can see my network just fine but when I drill down to the specific folder on the NAS and try to play a video file or music file, I just get the blue circle “loading” or “waiting” icon.  I have tried rebooting, changing network settings, rebooting NAS, different media files, etc…  

I can get to the files fine from my Windows7 PC and can play them in VLC just fine.  I have 2 WD Live boxes and they both seem to be having issues.  One is the PLUS version and other is not.  


This sounds like the Header Compression issue.

4H and 4I in the FAQs

Well, you are correct.  It was a MKV file with a bad header.  Reset solved the issue.  Thanks.